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Looking for a new League Photographer?

DCS Photo will handle your leagues PhotoDay and shoot the Team and Individual pictures for your organization.

Using professional digital cameras attached to computers and monitors, we allow parents to see their child’s pictures and help pick out the best pose.

Parents love this approach since it lets them know their child smiled and looks good. We have all had class pictures taken of our child, only to get them back weeks later and find that cheesy smile, or messy hair! This eliminates that!

We also show each coach the team picture on the computer to make sure they are happy and that their team kids all look the best possible.  We shoot many area sports including Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Cheer.

We shoot for many gymnastics facilities as well. We offer many different packages to choose from, along with many sports specific novelty items.  We even have packages for kids that take classes and are not part of a team. This can be a great fund raiser for any organization!

We can also shoot sports action and make the pictures available on our Online Sales Site for parents to purchase.

Check out the sports section under Portfolio on the top menu.

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